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The 36th European Club Cup and the 25th European Club Cup for Women will take place from 17th-25th September 2021 in Struga, Ohrid Lake, North Macedonia.

The championships will be held in 7 rounds, played in the Swiss system following the ECU Tournament Rules. According to FIDE and ECU rules, the time control will be 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one.

Each European federation is allowed to take part in this competition. According to the regulations, participation is open to:

  • Obiettivo Risarcimento Padova, Italy, the current cup holder in the open competition.
  • Five (5) clubs per federation in which a national team championship is organized or four (4) clubs per federation in which no national team championship is organized.
  • There is no restriction on how the National federations will select the clubs
  • The ECU Board should examine any additional request for participation
  • In the Women competition, all the club members of ECU Federations are allowed to participate.
  • Clubs shall be registered through the National chess Federations or direct if there is no objection from the National Chess Federation.
  • All players’ fees and composition restrictions are waived only for 2021 by the ECU board’s decision.

Every federation that intends to participate with one or more clubs must inform the Organizing Committee before August 01, 2021, of its acceptance of the invitation, specifying the number of the clubs participating. A copy should be sent to the Tournament Director, Mr. Petr Pisk, email:

Afterward, entry forms must be completed and returned to the Tournament office email; with copy mail to: no later than August 01, 2021.

The date of August 15, 2021, is the registration deadline. The basic team composition shall be submitted with the entry form.

The complete registration form must include SURNAME/s, FIRSTNAME/s, FIDE_ID number, FIDE_RATING and FIDE_TITLE, and PASSPORT_NUMBER of each player. It must also include the name and telephone/email/fax number of the Chief of Delegation and the person in charge of the Club. The Organizing Committee will contact each of the Teams to confirm the registration and booking.

Please download the registration form, complete it and send it to the following emails; not later than August 01, 2021.

On the following link, you can check if you need a visa to enter North Macedonia.

A payment of 100 EUR per person and 30% of the total hotel cost is necessary to be done to the following bank account for confirmation of participation and hotel reservations (bank charges on the sender’s side):

Account holder name (Beneficiary): Chess Club KAPABLANKA Skopje
Address: Kosta Novakovic 7/01-2, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia
Bank Swift code (BIC): TUTNMK22
Bank name: NLB Banka Skopje
IBAN: MK07210722000108319
With Payment Instructions = OUR

The sender must pay the foreign bank commissions. Please follow the above instructions; if not, the respective amount will be charged and paid in full before the end of the second round.

After payment, a copy of the bank transfer should be sent to email:

The OPEN event will be held in the 5* hotel Izgrev, Struga, Ohrid lake.

Hotel Izgrev

The Women event will be held in 4* hotel Drim, Struga, Ohrid Lake, beside river Drim.


The open teams shall be composed of six (6) players and two (2) reserves

Teams in the women’s competitions shall be composed of four (4) players and one (1) reserve.

The total prizes value of 44.000 Euros will be distributed as follows:

OPEN (28.000 EUR)
WOMEN ( 15.000 EUR)
1st place
10.000 EUR
6.000 EUR
2nd place
6.000 EUR
4.000 EUR
3rd place
4.000 EUR
2.000 EUR
4th place
3.000 EUR
1.000 EUR
5th place
2.000 EUR
Individually the best performance
per board =500 EUR
In Total: 3.000 EUR
In Total: 2.000 EUR

In addition, two (2) individual prize of 500 EUR, will be given to the players with the best performance from a “European Small Nations” club. (FIDE Zone 1.10).